Friday, January 16, 2015

The New Eden Store Just Became Useful

During the o7 show on Thursday, January 15, CCP FoxFour made an appearance with CCP Mimic and discussed some upcoming changes to the skinning/painting abilities within EVE.  Forward to the 9:30 mark to see the update from CCP_FoxFour

When this functionality was originally released in Rubicon (March 2014), the process was a response to many pilots in the game who have frequently asked for the ability to paint their ship. 

The current version of this process involves a pilot going to the New Eden Store and redeeming Aurum for a blueprint.  The prices are not too bad, and for the ability of painting your ship a worthy trade of that Aurum that is sitting on your account. Let's be honest, there are many of you still with 5,500 Aurum on your account(s).  I have never been that interested in purchasing clothing or accessories for my pilots.  But, painting my ship, I can get on board with that. 

Now, ever since the feature was released in 2014, there have been two complaints from the player base.  One has been addressed, the other has not been clarified as of today. 

Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating, it was cute watching CCP Mimic try to say that like 5 times fast.

First, players have looked for the ability to apply the paint scheme to a ship multiple times.  The current functionality only allows you to apply the paint to a single hull.  Once that ship blows up the paint scheme is gone forever, until you purchase a new blueprint.  The process discussed by CCP FoxFour yesterday will change this from a single use blueprint to an unlimited use license.  And, if you happen to have multiple license for a hill you can switch between them via the fitting process. 

Second, players who have assembled ships with rigs applied cannot currently paint their ships.  The process today requires a packaged ship for the industry interface.  Since the new process will take place via the fitting window this "should" now be available.  We will need to wait for the Dev Blog when we are closer to the release of this feature. 

I for one have never really saw a use for me personal to spend my Aurum on anything within the New Eden store, until the original paint program was released last year. However, due to the single use application I have only used this once and that was on a hill which I felt had a strong chance of night dying:



Naglfar FTW

Again, CCP Seagull and the entire Development team continues to show a vision and plan to continually improve this wonderful game.  Now, there is finally a reason to empty my Aurum wallet!

Update: Edited as YouTube video of this episode is now available.

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