Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Recently there have been some discussions within the corporation related to our future home and whether we maintain the existing C2 wormhole that we have.  We have come to a decision regarding that, but the part of this story which is impacted by our discussions were the fact that I strayed off of some of the core concepts that have driven our corporation since day one.

I took a moment on Monday to pause, formulate some thoughts, put pen to paper as it were and to open a discussion among the corp members as to their home.  This was the two steps forward.  It started a very interesting discussion among corp members and many opinions came out that I honestly were surprised in.  I went to bed on Tuesday evening fairly clear that we had a mandate from our corp members as to what should be done with the C2 hole and I felt I could make an announcement today.

I woke up early on Wednesday, grabbed my iPhone and was greeted by the following:

We had a new war which had started on Monday.  The war was pretty much a high sec war involving a group who generally campe trade system undocks, trade route bottlenecks and the like.  We had taken what we felt were appropriate precautions and warned members to avoid those areas.

Now, you would generally think that most members who have been informed that there is a high sec war will proceed with caution if you are navigating high security space.  You generally would fly in a cloaky (Covert Ops Capable) ship or failing that a very fast frigate such as a T1 tackler (atron, condor, executioner, slasher) or even better an Interceptor.  We do not prohibit members from traveling into high sec during these wars.  We basically state that trade systems are off limits.  This is primarily due to the ability of the war targets to lock and shoot you instantly as soon as you undock.

Even more distressing about this kill is that this is a member of the corporation who has been with us since our first week.  He can fly covert ops capable ships as well as larger ships.  Basically, he is experienced enough to know better.

Unfortunately, following the loss yesterday this member made no mention of it in our leadership channels.  There is no post on the forums to explain the circumstances of his loss.  Basically, we are all left wanting more information outside of him losing his ship to a war target.

One of our core principles is to teach new pilots to the game or to exploration.  We have always stressed that killboard colors are not the end of the world, and that we do not purge members for losing a ship.  However, what we have always stressed is the need to constantly learn.

When a member loses a ship.  We expect that they would write up a summary of the loss on our forums.  Explain the circumstances that lead to the loss.  What could you have done better?  What would you change in the future?  Basically, how do you minimize the potential of incurring that loss in the future.

One step back.


  1. Be very careful requiring people to do mea culpas or write up AARs for killmails. Without intending it to, it can lead to a culture of trolling over losses. Not everyone can easily shrug off losses, especially big ones. I still get attached to my ships even after playing for 3 years.

    1. The point in the AAR is for the pilot to hopefully see what they did or did not do in the situation. To accept losses without this reflection only helps promote a culture where losses like this can be accepted carte blanch. We go to lengths in our corp to avoid trolling and keep comments civil.

    2. Oh, I understand the point of an AAR. I'm just saying I've been in more than a few corps/alliances where any and every loss was trolled to the point of toxicity. From what I've been reading, you and your lot have the right attitude about it.

  2. Good thing it's only a game, huh?

  3. I think it is jut inevitable, I'm in an alliance that repeatedly tells its member base over and over again that during a war please put your shiny 1bn ISK mission running ships away for a week. Each and every war-dec the message goes out repeatedly, and each and every time there is always somebody that thinks it's fine to autopilot through Jita or Amarr. The usual answer as to "why?" is they think with these type of merc war-decs they have so many hundreds of targets at a time that the odds of it being them are tiny. But we are all somebody else's better odds, so the inevitable happens. We try raising taxes to 100% but his inly stops the mission runners. As many people have said before you really cannot underestimate the ingenuity of stupid people to do acts of great stupidity no matter how many things you put in their way. In the end remember though that for every one idiotic loss you get there have been a hundred losses prevented by those that are careful.

  4. You know, we all make mistakes. I am fortunate to be in an alliance that will support me and not call me "stupid" when I screw up. I do that enough in my own head.