Friday, January 2, 2015

Reading is Hard

So, over the past few days in our public channel, we have a few inquiries regarding our situation and wormholes.

Initially, the concept behind the corporation was to eventually get a presence in wormhole space, but this would be best case about 30 days after the corporation opened.  More likely it would be about 3-4 months from inception.  However, after chatting with corporation members and seeing how frequently they were going exploring in wormhole space, I thought that we could accelerate that plan.

So, we spent a fair amount of time on New Years Day exploring for empty wormholes where we potentially plant a POS.  After a few hours of looking, we found one.  J143202

Now, I had plans with my wives family, and I headed out for most of the day.  I asked the corporation members online to watch over the hole, and get a good feel for the hole (number of pilots coming through, levels of sites appearing, etc).

I returned home in the early evening and got the intel report from our member.  I was located in a High Security trade hub, so I purchased a tower and fuel, and headed out the 9 jumps to the entrance hole.  I jumped into J143202 and warped to a moon.  I decloaked, launched the tower and told the tower to anchor.

"You cannot anchor control tower as your corporation is not 7 days old."

Grrrr.  I then remembered that I had read about this change in patch notes, but that was like 6 months ago.

So, I guess we need to wait now for another 48 hours for the 7 day limit to expire.

In retrospect, this was a good thing, as this particular hole is not the original type we were looking for.  This gives us some additional time to scout out a hole and potentially find one which will work for us.

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