Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day #3

Day #3 of our blog finds the corp continuing to grow with us now having 8 members and 2 potential pilots who seemed interested in our public chat.

Corp members continue to explore and build up skills for exploration.

Last night, one of our members was having a difficult time probing down a Limited Sleeper Site in High Security space.  I headed over to the system and assisted him in probing it down.  Only to find a neutral Buzzard already in the site and clearing it.  Sigh...

I also made my way to Thera for the first time.  Overall, it seems as though the shiny factor of the system has worn off.  I did not find any pilots outside any of the 4 stations, and good lord those warps were horribad.  I attempted to rent an office in one of the 4 stations.  Unfortunately, as you can imagine, all of the offices were already taken.  However, what I found interesting is that the name of the corporations who rented the offices were virtually identical in each of the 4 stations.

It seems to me that if CCP wants to have a unique wormhole system where normal conventions are not allowed (no moons, no anchorable bubbles, etc), it would be reasonable that a corporation should be able to rent AN office.  Not four offices.  Come on CCP, you can do better than this.

Finally, we have had a lot of chatter in our public channel about whether or not we have a presence in wormhole space.  Up to now, corp members have simply been diving into wormholes and heading back out into empire space.  That is now changing.  We have scouted out a decent system to use as our initially foray into wormhole space.

More to come.


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