Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Full Disclosure

Late Monday evening brought about a series of e-mails between my CEO character and a recent new member to the corporation. 

This member had joined us on Saturday after he had popped into our public channel on Friday evening, but before any of the recruiters had a chance to speak with him. 

He represented himself as a 95 million skill point pilot who had millions of SP in the Science and Production areas.  Basically here was someone who had at least skilled for invention and manufacturing.  We have been seeking members like this, as you are limited in slots available to your character(s) at 11 maximum.  The more pilots involved in the process, the greater quantity that can be produced or invented at any given time. 

Needless to say, we were impressed with his skills.  He chatted with a recruiter and completed our questionnaire.  One of the requirements on our questionnaire is for a full API.  Some individuals provide it with no issues, some with a brief exchange as to the "why is this needed?" 

Our recruiter threw his API information into jackknife (api screening tool).  This confirmed the skills that he had, ships and modules he can use.  But, there also is one additional feature that it provides; the ability to search eve-o forums for character trade posts.  Our recruiter noticed this, but we kept it in our back pocket for use at a later time if necessary. 

Now, a bit of information on our corporation and security.  We take this very seriously.  There is literally two other individuals in corp who have the access to Take an item from 2 corp hangar sections.  And, the directorship control what is ever placed into those sections. As to manufacturing and invention, we have a similar setup.  The members who eventually get that role will have the ability to Query the hangar with the inputs for their jobs.  But, they never will have the ability to Take. 

The new member was not online Sunday, so we fast forward to Monday.  It is 4:30 am local time and I am auto-piloting one of my director characters back through hi-sec. While going about this, the new member keeps posting in corp chat that he needs the roles to build things.  My spidey senses start to queue up at this time.  Yes, a builder or inventor joining a new corp would be interested in getting up to speed on these things.  But, he would not be moaning about his inability to do so in corp chat or rage quitting for hours at a time when no one is hearing his whining.  Poor baby. :(

I decided to give him an assignment and posted it via or forums.  I thought everything was moving along well until I returned home late at night and one of the members in the Leadership circle mentioned that the new member had posted on the eve-o forums looking for a mining corporation.  I reviewed the post and noticed some liberties had been taken with the post which were outside of his assigned task.  I decided to start pushing buttons to see where things went. 

I inquired as to his association with the character who ultimately ended up with the buyout offer for this character.  He claimed to not know who it was. 

I then linked the sale forum to him, and he now decided it was a good time to disclose that he purchased the character.  A little too late there. 

I then proceeded to inquire as to how we actually knew who he was.  He represented himself as a 95 million SP industry character.  Technically he has the skills for those functions, but has he ever done those things?   How can we sure?   How can it be validated?   Even with the security me smashers we have in place, you still do not want to expose billions of ISK in inputs to someone who you have no idea whether they know what they are doing or even who they are. 

Needless to say I had made the decision that it would be best for all parties if we were to go our separate ways.  But, before I even had the chance he pulled the handle on his ejection seat, but not before who fired off a wonderful gem of a corp mail to the entire membership. 

A lot of this drama could have been avoided if he had just disclosed that this character was not his originally and that he had only purchased it recently.  Yes, we may have still had issues with him in the future, but we cannot even cross that bridge if there is zero to little trust in the first few opportunities between member and corporation. 

Full disclosure would have helped him. 

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