Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fit of the Week

One of the first type of fits that new bros joining our corporation frequently seek and use are for T1 Exploration frigates.  These are the Heron, Magnate, Imicus and Probe.

These hulls are immediately available for any pilot based on their racial choice when rolling their character.  However, there are benefits to certain hulls which we will discuss here in this post.

Heron - My personal choice for a new pilot looking to get into exploration and avoid refitting with a Mobile Depot.  5 mid slots allow you to go with MWD and the remaining slots for hacking modules and scanning upgrades.

Imicus - Tied with the Probe for 2nd best exploration frigate.  However, due to the Astero requiring Gallente Frigate III and the T2 variant Helios having a drone bay, I give a slight nod to the Imicus over the Probe.

Probe - Gets 3rd place in the listing of exploration frigates, but that is only due to the Astero requirements for the Gallente hull and the T2 variant of the Imicus.  A probe is a very solid choice if you are not going the Caldari or Gallente route.

Magnate - Ewww.  4th place.  I wish I could place this in 10th place.  Only 3 mid slots, so you will constantly find a need to refit with a Mobile Depot, especially if you are low skilled which many new bros are.  The scanning upgrades will almost be a necessity to scan down certain sites in an efficient manner.  The only benefit of the Amarr route is getting Amarr Frigate III which also is necessary for the Astero.

All of the fits have a Sisters Core Probe Launcher.  It is the only bling on the ship and may be a bit on the expensive side.  But, the benefit to scanning with use of the launcher and the core probes will help you to scan faster, get to sites faster, and get back to cloaking faster.

Each of the 4 fits here can be completely fit in 11 days (excluding the drones).  By the time you get to day 11 you should be able to dive into wormholes and null sec systems and explore very well.

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