Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sometimes Newbies Can Be Challenging

Just a short post this morning on an interaction in our hole this morning:

[ 2015.01.06 13:30:46 ] Midori Musashi > \o
[ 2015.01.06 13:30:56 ] Jormungand Andven > hi
[ 2015.01.06 13:31:09 ] Midori Musashi > you are probing in  Jxxxxxx atm?
[ 2015.01.06 13:32:16 ] Jormungand Andven > yes
[ 2015.01.06 13:32:28 ] Midori Musashi > just wanted to pass along some advice.
[ 2015.01.06 13:32:57 ] Midori Musashi > first, always rename your ship when you sit in it.  be default, the game names each of your ships your name, which told me you were in our system
[ 2015.01.06 13:33:13 ] Midori Musashi > second, always fit a cloak and turn cloak on when probing
[ 2015.01.06 13:33:50 ] Jormungand Andven > I myself a novice in these matters
[ 2015.01.06 13:34:18 ] Midori Musashi > oh, i understand
[ 2015.01.06 13:34:43 ] Midori Musashi > we recruit pilots exactly like you to our corp.  we are an exploration corp and specifically look to help new pilots in game
[ 2015.01.06 13:35:57 ] Jormungand Andven > I am a member of the corporation
[ 2015.01.06 13:36:07 ] Midori Musashi > i know
[ 2015.01.06 13:36:42 ] Midori Musashi > just trying to pass along advice to a new member.  if you would like assistance, tips and help in the future, we welcome providing advice to members, even if they are in a different corp
[ 2015.01.06 13:37:12 ] Jormungand Andven > I have no desire to change

I realize that with new bros joining the game, there is a conflict if they wish to become an explorer.  They was high skill levels in scanning, so that they can scan down those juicy fat loot sites in null sec or wormhole space.  Yet, they also need to balance that with skills which would help them dfend their ship, keep it safe, and possibly extract themselves from a hostile situation.  Choices are hard.

This pilot literally stayed in system for 20+ minutes scanning down every system uncloaked the ENTIRE 20 minutes.  My failure today was not having a point available.  I burned an alt down from low sec only to see him disappear finally as my alt was 1 jump out of our static.  :sigh:

The other perplexing moment during this interaction was that I wanted to extend advice to him in the future in helping him try to stay alive.  Yet, he thought that I was trying only to poach him from his current corporation.  I guess the part where I said even if they are in a different corp, totally sailed over his head.  Reading is hard sometimes.

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