Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Product Placement and Advertising within EVE

One of the things that you will frequently find in EVE is someone looking to either buy or sell something.  Sometimes, these are valid, and others (Jita Local chat) are scams.

There is an entire section on the eve-o forums related to Buy and Auction threads.  Another example of this is the Alliance/Corporation recruitment section.  Yes, you will frequently find individual pilots looking for a corporation (buyer) but the largest percentage of threads in the alliance/corporation recruitment section are from corporations and alliances seeking new members (another form of a buyer).

We at New Jovian Exploration Department are looking to increase membership, but that is not the focus of this thread.  The focus instead is on a unique tactic we are looking to employ in order to increase our membership, streaming of EVE game play via

There have been three things which have occurred recently that have lead us to considering employing this tactic:

  • EVE is Real Video - when CCP released this video, there was an immediate bump in the new individuals signing up for EVE, even to kick the tires via a trial.
  • Changes to scanning and exploration - CCP has made changes in the scanning and exploration endgame which has made it easier for pilots to get into, even as a starter profession.
  • Twitch - there have been an increase in the number of streamers as well as the quality of the streams which are being broadcast.

When we factor each of these things together, it is clear that if you had an individual who was streaming their exploration in the game it is reasonable to expect a certain number of the viewers will want more information, will look to do the same type of game play, and will have a better overall experience with that dreaded learning curve in EVE.  One of the challenges that CCP have discussed previously is the falloff when you compare number of individuals who are attempting to start EVE via a trial in comparison to the individuals who end up subscribing to the game.  There is a large number of pilots who give EVE a try via trial but do not subscribe to the game.

Unfortunately, my ability to stream exploration is very limited.  I am running a corporation and handling logistical work related to POS's, SRP, manufacturing and invention.  Other members of the corporation are relatively new to the game, so their comfort level of streaming the exploration they do is very low.  So, I had this epiphany of employing someone else to handle the streaming for us.

There are pilots in EVE who are experienced at exploration.  There are pilots in EVE who are experienced at twitch.  Our hope is to find one individual who can marry these two functions into one, and be compensated for their work.

We see this as a form of advertising.  Similar to a commercial you might see on television or an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.  By employing a contractor to conduct a twitch stream while exploring as a brand new account we seek to increase our membership, provide a better learning experience for many new bros to the game, and bring a higher sense of the exploration end game to many new pilots in EVE.

Detailed information of job.

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