Sunday, January 4, 2015

Offer to Join an Alliance

Things have progressed very nicely for the corporation.

Saturday saw the most activity by corporation members as well as some very heavy duty activity in our public channel with potential pilots who are looking to join.

The corporation now stands at 18 members with 5 joining on Saturday.  One of the members joining is an old friend going back to 2010.  He and I have been in a few corporations and alliance previously, and we both had bored of living in sov  null sec.

Multiple corporation members were active yesterday.  Some were probing in systems close the Headquarters area.  Most were in a wormhole that we are currently "visiting".  Finally, one of the corp members is starting to probe moons for potential passive ISK for the corporation.

Late in the day, I received a conversation request from an anonymous pilot.  When I entered the conversation, this pilot indicated that he wanted to extend an invitation to join their alliance.  This was the 3rd such request that I had received this week.  Yet, for some reason I felt intrigued and continued the dialogue with him.  It seems as though they are a medium sized alliance and have access to C2-C6 wormholes.  I continued to chat with him for nearly an hour.

At this point, I had not planned on joining an alliance, but with the relative young age and skillset of our corporation members, we will have a very difficult time defending ourselves (POS mostly).  Joining an alliance provides access to multiple systems, intelligence networks, and content.  These are excellent benefits for joining an alliance especially as we are just starting down the path of having a foothold in wormhole space.

I told them that we will chat on Sunday in their Teamspeak to see if this would be a good fit for the corporation.

Sunday looks like this will be a very good day.

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