Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Friends and All the Possibilties

One of the most important things that a player in EVE can do is to join forces with other players.  Initially when you begin your very first character and any other characters you will be placed into an NPC corporation.  Get out!  Do not delay.  There is honestly very little benefit that an NPC corporation can provide to you.  The only factual benefit is the inability for any other organization to declare war upon you.  However, this does not mean that you are immune to losing your ship to an act of space violence.  CODE, Marmite, Deadly Fingertips all will attack regardless of your affiliation in high security space with or without a war.

The reason that I advocate leaving an NPC corp is primarily social.  By joining a player run corporation, you will be looking through Tinder (Alliance & Corporation Recruitment Center), beginning to interact with them (public channels, interviews), going out on a blind date (submitting an application and answering their lengthy questionnaire), and finally deciding to move in to their apartment (joining the corporation).  All of these social activities take place in the game when you are looking for a potential corporation to join.

Now, the focus of this post is not necessarily what you the individual pilot should be doing, but rather to discuss a change for New Jovian Exploration Department.  We recently left our previous alliance due to a Non-Social relationship with the other corporations in that alliance.  We still yearned to be part of a larger group, as the directors of our corporation understand the benefits that can be gained by aligning yourself with a group of like-minded individuals.

So, after some careful discussions internally and searching we made a decision to approach a well known EVE pilot and his "Band".  I had some discussions with their diplomat over the weekend, and posted the conversation for the other director to review.

Things progressed to a point on Monday where I received a Twitter Message informing me of the approval to move to the next step.

On Monday evening, our directors had a Teamspeak discussion with many of the members of -ABA-, but primarily the leaders from SM.RB.  The other director and I were commenting in-game via chat that we were very impressed with SM.RB and if this 90 minute interaction with them was any indication things looked very promising for -ABA- and us beginning a relationship with them.

On Tuesday morning, I dropped the application into -ABA- and sent Rixx a message to let him know.  At roughly 14:15 EVE time today, NJED officially joined -ABA-.

We could not be happier with our decision to pursue the possibility of joining -ABA-.  We have found that their operation and leadership are "top notch" and they are a unique alliance in EVE where you literally can do anything you want to as a pilot.

Here is to new friends and all the possibilities!


  1. Welcome aboard!! We are also looking forward to working together with you and your pilots and building a great Alliance together.

  2. Very glad you all decided to look into joining -ABA-. When I started reading this blog and hearing how you work I often wondered why you hadn't looked at us in the first place. Should have spoken up in a comment or something (Mistake #1). Looking forward to what the future holds!

    1. Thanks Narook. We love it so far, and feel that this is the right move for both of us.