Monday, January 12, 2015

High Sec New Bros Need Some Love

So, while watching a twitch stream earlier today, I hopped into a stream with a few dudes who were mining.  The title of their stream was Noob Hype - Give me good advice please!!

I like to jump into streams like this, as these type of pilots frequently are coming back to this game that I have learner to love.

I gave them some advice regarding exploration.  Informed them of some of the types of ISK that were available via exploration, but I also tried to make sure to paint a realistic picture for them in regards to surviving.  Basically, I stated that you are going to die in EVE.  You need to face the fact that you will lose your ship.  However, there are measures you can take in trying to minimize your potential loss and attempting to remain alive.

I gave them the link to our corporation information and told them that I thought they were a good fit for exploration and they should talk to us.

Unfortunately, the guys on the stream were very apprehensive about the prospects of joining our corporation.  Seems that they have been burned or ganked by one too many individuals previously (totally sounds like Goons), and they stated that I most likely was only interested in having them join us, getting them to bring their gear and ships out to our wormhole, and then we will kill them, pod them and steal all their stuff.  :ohdear:

I can only surmise that they have been burned one or more times by some of the nastier sides of EVE.  At this time, I hope that they at least take the opportunity to chat with us and get some advice on exploration and increasing their survival odds.

Fly safe new bros!

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