Wednesday, January 7, 2015

85th Percentile Checking In

Just yesterday, Neville Smit posted to his blog regarding a new video CCP had released.  The article was a very well written one and I find myself drawn to the post due to my age as well.

I am currently 45 years old and began playing EVE when I was 37.  In corporations and alliances I have been in during the course of my career, I always knew that I was older than many of my peers.  But, I never felt that being older gave me any real disadvantage in the game.

While watching the video I kept watching the year of my birth (1970).  Most of the video showed it hovering evenly between 75% and 95%.  There was a point about 2010 when I moved closer to 75%, but by the end had returned to 85%.

The part about Neville's post which I loved the most was his statement about the next 15 years.  I agree that EVE is a stress reliever, it helps to foster relationships with others and breeds a culture which is very similar to a family.  I have made more friends over the past 7 years playing EVE than I have outside of the game.  If the next 15 years can be anything like the past 7, I will be a happy camper.

Thanks Neville and a huge thanks to CCP for such a wonderful game!


  1. Thanks for the compliment on my post, and for the linkback. I enjoyed your perspective on CCP Quant's analysis, too. Keep on flying and enjoy every minute!