Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Bro Exploration Tip of the Week - Suspect Timers

Johnny Pew recently posted a very nice video on his YouTube channel which went over the process of mining untold amounts of ISK that have been littered all across New Eden in the form of abandoned Mobile Tractor Units.

However, there is one unique consequence of hunting for these abandoned units and putting them out of their misery.  You acquire a suspect timer for shooting the mobile tractor unit.  Once you engage with an offensive weapon on the unit, in the upper left corner of your User Interface you will see this:

This means that for 15 minutes, other pilots are allowed to shoot you without intervention on your behalf from Concord.  Here is an explanation of the suspect time.

In the past, I have informed our corporation members of the ability to go hunting for these units and the fact that there is ISK just waiting to be appropriated.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the corporation heard me speak on Teamspeak about the need to either dock up or activate your cloak once you get the suspect timer.

All of this is a result of a recent loss on our killboard which piqued my curiosity:

The first thing that jumped out to me was a loss which occurred in high security space.  The only way that can happen is a derp by our pilot, unless ganked.  With a single hostile on the kill, gank is not possible.  So, derp it is.  The second thing I noted on the kill was the use of a very shiny ship for what appeared to be high security exploration.  The Orthrus does not receive any bonuses to hacking, scanning or anything related to exploration.  This also made me wonder what occurred.

So, early morning today I chatted with the corporation member who had this occur to find out what occurred.  It took some time, but eventually he mentioned that he had an aggression timer, which prevents you from jumping gates or from docking.  This is where that cloak would have come in handy.  So, I told him that he needed to bounce safe spots.  He stated that the Proteus found him at his safe spot and committed space violence on the Orthrus.

So, our lesson here is that you might get a suspect timer even for actions in high security space.  Other pilots are free to engage you if this occurs.  You need to either dock up or activate your cloak if cannot dock.  And finally, do not use a 400 million ISK ship to go hunting abandoned mobile tractor units.


  1. Good advice, Witmer. I just found your blog this week, and I have been soaking up you words of wisdom.

  2. its fine to use said 400 mil ship to find mobile tractor units.... just have a different ship commit the space violence against it:) added bonus, if somehow you do go suspect use a second account to at least hit the first with a rocket or something ... might as well be on the KM if it happens

    1. Correct. Even a cloak would have helped in this scenario. My premise on the ship is that this activity does not truly require it.