Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Bro Exploration Tip of the Week - Perches or How To Survive a Bubble....

There is a unique mechanism allowed in null security and wormhole space, Warp Disruption. This is either in the form of a probe (launched from an Interdictor), a generator (a module on a Heavy Interdictor) or a mobile variant (anchored in space).

The Warp Disruption field has a unique characteristic that prevents a ship from initiating warp (unless you are an Interceptor, T3 with Interdiction Nullifier Subsystem or have a Micro Jump Drive). All other ships and T3's will not be able to initiate warp while within the bubble.

There is another characteristic of the Warp Disruption field, and that is the ability to stop a ship which is in warp or to "pull" a ship beyond the intended landing place (a gate or wormhole). The field needs to be in direct alignment with the point you are warping from, and must be active PRIOR to you initiating warp. If the field is present, in alignment with your position and up before you initiate warp, you will warp to the edge of the bubble and be stopped. The most frequent example of this is getting a "bubble" in place 100km off of a gate or wormhole. This way, when you warp to the gate/hole you are stopped 100km away. You are too close to warp to the gate, and it will take a very long time to slow boat to the gate/hole.

In order to prevent this from occurring you will want to create a tactical perch off of the gate/hole. The perch can be technically anywhere, but you want to be at least 150km or more away from the gate/hole, so that you can warp from the perch to the gate/hole. There are ways to create the perch using celestials, but guess what Mr. Sabre pilot does, he will account for celestials as much as he can. It is best to create a perch which IS NOT in alignment with any celestial.

The way that I do this is to look into space, specifically for a place with no celestials. I double click in space to start moving my ship, and activate MWD. Note - this is best handled by an interceptor or very fast frigate. If you use one of those, you will have a perch in 15-20 seconds. Get to a point greater than 150km away from the gate/hole and create a bookmark.

If you live in a wormhole, every hole should have at least one perch, if not two. For null sec, you will want a few around a gate.

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