Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tech II Manufacturing for the Week - Hound

This post and the hopefully weekly variant of it will focus on Tech II manufacturing.

Tech II manufacturing relies on skills which you need for Tech I manufacturing, however it also relies on additional skills in the Science category.  This can be as few as two skills for things like modules or ammunition.  As you scale up the item you are manufacturing, the skill requirements will increase.

Tech II manufacturing also requires different inputs than you are used to in Tech I manufacturing.  You will need the Tech I item which your Tech II is a variant of.  In addition, you will need some ore (Morphite), Planetary Interaction items (Construction Blocks), R.A.M. (miniature bots that assist in manufacturing T2 items) and finally Components (think of these as high grade inputs which come from moon mining).

With the basics of the manufacturing out of the way, you will also need to have a Blue Print Copy.  There are Blue Print Originals in game, but they are outliers and honestly are challenging for use in order to gain a return on investment for purchasing them.  We will focus solely on BPC's.  You gain the BPC by inventing one.  Here is a great guide by Neville Smit.  I will not go into detail here on how it works.  Read Neville's post.

Our corporation has explorers going out and acquiring loot.  We purchase the loot off of them in our wormhole for 90% of Jita Buy Orders.  We will export the loot and sell what we do not want on market at Jita.  However, items such as datacores, decryptors, and relics we keep for invention and reverse engineering.  This is important, as the invention I did earlier this week was on Breacher BPC's using Optimized Attainment Decryptors.  The resulting T2 BPC for the Hound that was returned yielded me a 3 Run, ME3/TE2 BPC.  I spun off 20 of them.

First is a screenshot from ISK Per Hour (IPH) which shows the breakdown of the build for a single BPC:

A break down of this as follows:

  • Upper Left Quadrant - This is where we choose the blueprint to be used.
  • Upper Middle Quadrant - This is where we enter the ME/PE and runs of the blueprint.  We also identify where the manufacturing is taking place.  We manufacture our items in array's at a POS.
  • Upper Right Quadrant - This is where the financial breakdown occurs.  Market price is total price on market for the item.  Total Component Cost is our build cost for either purchasing the inputs directly or the necessary goods to build them.  Component Profit is the total profit we are looking for with this single BPC.
  • Lower Left Quadrant - This is the Build/Buy List.  Items we are building are highlighted in yellow.  All of the components are being built.  The green are items to but, and this is only the Morphite, Construction Blocks, and the R.A.M.
  • Lower Right Quadrant - This is the listing and line item cost for every necessary input.
With a build cost of 41,555,198.33 and a profit of 17,034,801.37 we are looking at a margin of 40.99%, which is very nice for a T2 hull.  This was one of the more profitable ones this week when the analysis was prepared last weekend.

We build T2 hulls for two purposes in New Jovian Exploration Department.  The first is for hulls we need to stock our Ship Replacement Program (SRP).  The second is that we sell hulls to alliance members as cost plus a small percentage.  The remaining hulls are sold on market to capitalize on market conditions.

If you have the skills to manufacture the components and the hull, start cranking out Hounds.