Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Farmer or Militia????

For a few years, Rixx Javix has lead a crusade against the overabundant use of Warp Core Stabilizers in low sec, primarily in faction warfare complexes.

Rixx is not against these modules, when they are fit to ships which are not designed for offensive combat (haulers are a good example).  What Rixx is against are combat hulls designed to encounter potential targets, yet when a mad target appears they will simply warp off as they are fit with at least one, or more than likely a full rack of stabs.

Recently while Rixx was in Iceland during fanfest he had the opportunity to chat with some of the CCP staff and to discuss the issues with stabs and low sec.  It actually sounds as if there possibly might be some review of stabs in the future as it relates to the review of modules that CCP has been conducting over the past few months.

Talvorian Dex had a post up earlier today discussing another possible solution which would look to add consequences to the use of the stabs, rather than restrictions.  The primary emphasis of his post was to provide a standings hit from your faction when you enter a complex with a stab fit to your ship.

But, both the issues pointed out by Rixx and the possible solution discussed by Talvorian made me start to think of an issue which really has not been addressed yet.  Are you a militia member who has joined for purposes of advancing the militia's cause?  Or, are you simply a farmer who has joined the militia as it is a very easy method of farming ISK?

Part of this is a flawed design of the faction warfare aspect of the game in how systems have control established.  To have control swing by complexes being captured by a single pilot orbiting a beacon for a set amount of time is not what anyone had in mind when you talk about warfare.  There are things that "could" be done to address this, possibly coming in the future with some type of Entosis Link specifically designed for faction warfare.

But, back to our core issue.  If you are an individual who has joined the militia for the purposes of advancing their cause, you should be in an offensive ship hull with the intention of engaging in combat to kill the targets who are against your faction.  You should not have a stab fit to your ship as it provides penalties to your offensive capabilities in the battle as well as wasting a low slot that is better used for either tank (armor fit) or offensive weaponry upgrades.

Now, if you are a farmer, go ahead and farm.  But, you will not do so with a stab or stabs fit to your ship.  CCP has the capabilities to allow or restrict module use based on security status of systems or hull classes.  There is no reason that they could not introduce a restriction to acceleration gates if you have a stab fit to your ship.

You want to fit a stab to your ship for navigation between systems using gates (allowed).  Looking to fit a stab for warping between station and a customs office (allowed).  Looking to fit a stab to your rifter, so that you can head into small complexes and farm LP (disallowed).

There is a purpose for the stab in this game, and use of it in complexes is not it.

CCP it is time for a change with how the stab is used in complexes.